Ed Reis Speaks on Global Event Panel

Reis Contracting’s Principal and CEO, Ed Reis, spoke on a panel about how builders, along with architects and owner representatives, can help residential brokers and their clients find success at Our Trusted Network’s inaugural meeting in Las Vegas. 

Reis was invited to take part in the event where attendees came from countries as far as France, Australia and India. Stan Ponte, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor and Associate Broker of Sotheby’s Realty hosted the conference. Ed Reis spoke alongside Grant Bowen, Founding Principal of Peak Projects and Joe Di Napoli, Founding Principal of STUDY Architects. The panel was moderated by Reis’ Senior Vice President, Eric McLaughlin and Monica Wright, Divisional Principal, Estate & Asset Management of Peak Projects. We were thrilled to partner with both teams with whom we share a passion and expertise in working alongside residential clients and brokers.

Panel topics focused on the intersection of our three disciplines and Ed discussed several unique projects and how we problem-solved alongside our partners and clients, including a triple townhouse facing complex structural issues and a mountainside ground-up house. The panel concluded with an open conversation centered around market trends, such as supply chain and labor challenges, and the ways that brokers, builders, architects, and owner representatives can work together to optimize client satisfaction and project success.

Grant Bowen, Stan Ponte and Monica Wright
Daniel Yoder, Eric McLaughlin, Stan Ponte, Grant Bowen, Joe Di Napoli and Ed Reis
Grant Bowen, Ed Reis, Joe Di Napoli, Monica Wright and Eric McLaughlin