Floor Leveling in Double Townhouse Combination

Combining two townhouses is always a challenge. Creating a seamless transition from one house to the next with no steps up or down, is especially complex. Reis was excited to take on this unique project, which combined a previously rebuilt townhouse with one that required a complete structural rebuild, excavation, underpinning, a rooftop addition and rear curtain wall installation.

Our team tackled the floorplate integration with the help of our Virtual Design and Construction team, led by Chief Technology Officer Shaun Frazier, which used LiDAR scanning to assess the conditions and create a plan on where every floor would be set before construction started.

The wearable LiDAR SLAM device collected all the data needed to start construction in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional, terrestrial method of site analysis. We were also able to eliminate the back and forth of probing the site for conditions with this technology, which enabled the client to live on-site without disruption.

Reis’ technology system is a powerful asset for any high-end residential construction project. To learn more about it, download our brochure here.